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The gospel of Jesus Christ is good news not just for one group of people in one place, but for the whole world. The universal scope of God’s kingdom means none are excluded. Our God is a global God with a global love that extends to people of every nation, race, and ethnicity.

We are called, therefore, to be global Christians with a global vision. But it’s impossible for us to have a global vision if we don’t know about the other 94% of the world. Nor can we know what God is doing in the nations if we don’t spend time learning about other nations.

A massive shift has taken place this last century as now only 25% of the world’s Christians live in the West. The Western church has much to learn from its global brothers and sisters in Christ and much to give to its global neighbors.

The world is filled with unfathomable beauty and devastating tragedy. The splendor of this earth should be savored, for it reflects the goodness and glory of God. Yet the world is full of challenge and its spiritual, physical, social, and ecological needs beckon us to respond.

Global Christians are those who live within this contradiction, those who have a deep sense of the world’s beauty yet have had their hearts stabbed awake by its pain. Global Christians are those engaged in the joyful struggle of trying to both enjoy the world and change it.