• Churches & Communities

  • Rhythm Church
    The community I run with in Miami, seeking to live in the rhythm of God’s kingdom. I serve as teacher pastor and community architect.
  • Ecclesia Network
    A missional and relational network of churches plotting goodness together.
  • Gospel Leadership
    An ongoing conversation about gospel, kingdom, and church for leaders in Miami.
  • Urban Resurrection
    Close friends of mine doing community development in West Grove, Miami.
  • Circle of Hope
    Anabaptist comrades in the heart of Philadelphia working and praying for shalom in their city.
  • Jacob’s Well
    I spent a summer with this church in Kansas City, learning from their wonderful blend of justice-oriented causes and the arts.
  • Ministries & Organizations

  • Kiva
    Changing the world one micro loan at a time.
  • Compassion International
    Changing the world one child at a time.
  • Living Water International
    Building wells and providing safe, drinkable water for people in 26 countries.
  • Bread for the World
    A Christian voice for ending hunger at home and abroad.
  • Oasis
    Some good friends in England living the gospel out in progressive, holistic ways.
  • Christian Community Development Association
    The most faithful expression of the civil rights movement alive today.
  • Advent Conspiracy
    A network of churches rescuing Christmas from the American religion of consumerism.
  • Dialogue & Persons

  • Missio Alliance
    A growing missional movement of pastors and theologians focused on a Jesus-looking God who wants his church to be a Jesus-looking people.
  • Reclaiming the Mission
    Theologian David Fitch keeps a steady flow of blog posts about faith, church, and the way of Jesus.
  • Christ in the Desert Monastery
    Most remote monastery in North America and probably my favorite place on earth.
  • PrayMIA
    A weekly non-denominational prayer blog for the city of Miami and its people.
  • Misty Keasler
    Some hipster in Dallas I happen to know who’s pretty good with a camera.
  • Church Under the Bridge
    Long-time friend and mentor Jimmy Dorrell and his community are the epitome of incarnational ministry.
  • Resources & Information

  • The Story-Line of the Bible
    An excellent seven page summary of the biblical narrative written by Canadian profs Bartholomew and Goheen.
  • Michael Pollan
    A wealth of information and articles by a first-class journalist on food, eating, and the meat industry.
  • Renovaré
    French for renovate, this is a ministry seeking a renewal of deep, rich spirituality in the church.
  • N.T. Wright Page
    An exorbitant amount of resources from one of the most important biblical scholars and theologians of our day; too much of a good thing is a great thing in this case.
  • The King Center
    Continuing the legacy of our nation’s greatest prophet, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • Story of Stuff
    Annie Leonard helps give us some perspective on the real cost of all our stuff.