For the Kingdom. Simple as that.

francisco-picHello friends and welcome to the site. I offer a few opening remarks to help you navigate your way around. Thanks to Francisco Donoso for this piece of original art to get things kicked off. A good friend of mine in Riga, Latvia, designed and put together this site which has a number of functions.

Over the past several years I’ve been blessed to meet and make good friends from all over the world, not to mention my close comrades in Texas, England, and New Jersey. A number of these friends have encouraged me to keep an online journal where I post some of the different things I’m learning, reading, working on, thinking through, and wrestling with. That’s what the Journal page is all about and hopefully it will allow us to stay better connected.

On the World page I share images from my travels and stories from my work with the global church. Globalization is just a fancy way of saying we’re all connected, and this page is to help us become better acquainted with our global neighbors. The world is filled with unfathomable beauties and exhausting challenges – and we’re called to live somehow in the midst of this contradiction. I invite you into the joyful struggle of trying to both enjoy the world and change it.

There’s a Partner page where communities can invite me to come speak or collaborate with them. I stay pretty busy with my community in Miami but I do my best to connect with other churches and ministries as well. I love sharing and learning from these communities and being reminded why my heart is wooed for the local church.

The page titled Keas has a short write-up that a couple of friends did about me and my ministry. Their kind words serve as an introduction to new folks, though I wish I could offer a handshake in person instead.

On the Nourish page you’ll find some of my work. There are a number of teachings on video and audio format, a few short films, and a list of books I think are worth reading. Some of my new work will be added as it emerges, and I hope you’ll find these resources encouraging and challenging.

The site has been arranged so that next to the Journal the Kingdom page is first. But it’s also last. You see, telos is the Greek word for end point or destination, it’s the goal that something is moving toward. The telos of this website is God’s gracious kingdom. And not only of this website, but of my work, my studies, my gifts, my passions, and my life. It’s all for the kingdom. Simple as that.